Top 7 Features of Google Home Mini You Must Know

Move over Kanta bais and Ramu Kakas!Because Google has launched a gadget in the market that literally does all the work that a house help can do and that too without making a fuss.

Are you thinking to Buy Google Home Mini but looking for the features of it, I welcome you here as today I am going to list down Top 7 Features of Google Home Mini You Must Know. As you all know, Google developed a smart speaker in 2018 and named it Google Home Mini.

This gadget is loaded with features that are enabled through simple voice commands. Listed below are some of the features of Google Home Mini:

Top 7 Features of Google Home Mini:

  1. Play your favorite sounds or ‘white noises’ as you fall asleep: 

This device has a list of various sounds from which the user can choose a favorite sound that the device will play. The user can set the time period for which the sound should be played.

  1. Broadcast a command to every Google Home device installed in the house:

A single command given by you will be broadcasted by Google Home Mini to every Google device in your house which will be followed promptly. So you simply have to say, “Ok Google broadcast that it’s time to go out,” and it will be conveyed to all the other Google devices which in turn will follow suit.

This feature works even when the user is not in the house. The user can give a command to Google Home Mini and it will broadcast it to other devices and this will trigger the devices accordingly.

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  1. Control your smart home:

A list of products is given on Google’s blog which is compatible with Google Home Mini.  As of now, it can control more than 1000 smart home products from the brands ranging from LG, Whirlpool, GE, Nest, etc. It will dim the lights, turn on a kettle or microwave, and set the temperature according to your preference. It can also command your Roomba and get the cleaning job done for you.

  1. Give a reminder for your workout:

You can set a reminder on your Google Home and you can forget about remembering your workout schedule. Google Home will remind you as and when required by the setting.

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  1. Make hands-free-calls:

Google Home Mini will help you with your calls by dialing a number that you ask it to dial. Interestingly it comes with voice –recognition feature, so if you are sharing it with several other people, it will dial a number from the contact list of the person who gives the command. For example, if you give a command, “Google, call mom…” it will dial your mother’s number and not just any random number.

  1. Find your misplaced phone:

If you are a person who forgets things after keeping them somewhere in the house, then you need not worry; at least for your phone because Google Home can find your phone by dialing your number. This feature is applicable to Android as well as iPhones.

  1. Switch it to night mode:

The Google Home has a night mode feature which can be used to dim its light and turn down its volume. This can be done manually or a setting can be fed into the device so that it will trigger at the set time every day.

Mentioned above are the Top 7 Features of Google Home Mini. For more queries, information or suggestion, do leave your comment below! Enjoy using the gadget and spread the information regarding the product among your friends, family and loved ones. Martavis Bryant Womens Jersey

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