Top 5 Ways Of How To Fix Slow Internet Connection

There is nothing more annoying than your internet working like a turtle. It might be a sign for you telling you to go outside to play. All jokes aside, a slow internet can be bothersome at times and it might slow down your productivity. Today I am going to tell you the top 5 ways to fix slow internet connection!

The internet works on many different technologies, so there can’t be a single possible reason for a slow internet.

In this world, where everything basically runs on the internet, it can be galling when your internet connection doesn’t match up to your expectations. Whether you are working on a project or just strolling through Wikipedia for useless articles, a fast and reliable internet is a must.

Almost everyone who has used internet had to go through this rough patch at least once in their lifetime. Now, you can even go as far as saying that a fast and stable internet is not a must, it is perpetually a need these days. Anyway, here are a few ways to fix that nasty issue of a slow internet.

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Top 5 Ways of How to Fix Slow Internet Connection

  1. Fix the Wi-Fi Signal: Most of the times, the problem lies with the Wi-Fi signal and it may cause your internet speed to disrupt. Actually, your router and internet may be fine, meaning the Wi-Fi signal is weak. Protect your password from others who might piggyback on your Wi-Fi. Also, tweaking and repositioning the router will help in boosting the signal.
  2. Check your plan and speeds: Checking your provider’s website for your current plan will give you an idea as to what kind of plan you are using. Mostly it will be because you are paying for slow internet. You can also check your internet speed with the help of online speed checking websites. If your plan is slow, then it will do you good to get an upgrade.
  3. Change the DNS server: The basic of internet surfing is that your PC uses a DNS server to identify an IP address and look for a specific website. However, these servers can stutter or they might stop working altogether. If this happens to be the cause behind your slow internet connection, then you may have to change to a new DNS server to boost the internet speed.

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Contact the provider: If nothing else works and the internet is still acting up after trying all the troubleshooting steps, then your last resort should be calling your service provider. It is a possibility that there might be a problem from their end, but don’t bluntly assume it. Treat them with their respect and they will try their best to resolve the issue in time.

Turn of apps and plugins: Some of the most inconsequential apps and plugins can take much of the internet speed. Check for any apps that may be hogging the speed for downloading something in the background. Chrome extensions such as AdBlocker also help in blocking such apps to protect your bandwidth.

Apart from these, there are many other methods to fix slow internet connection problem that you can easily find, but these are the best ways to fix slow internet connection problem.

Of course, there are many more troubleshooting methods that you could try out. But the ones we have mentioned above are probably the cause in most of the cases. If you need any help with fixing your internet speed, leave a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Dion Lewis Womens Jersey

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