Samsung CF791 widescreen monitor : Design, Features

Samsung introduces its new curved CF791 widescreen monitor with a new advance features. This wide curved monitor gives us an immersive widescreen view. Before this screen, no monitor was introduced that gives us that immersive view.

Multitasks feature in Samsung CF791 widescreen monitor

In CF791 widescreen you will experience  the multitasking feature in same monitor. By multitasking mean user will do two types of tasks in single time. One is PBP which stands for Picture by Picture and other one is PIP which means Picture in picture.

In Picture by Picture a user have to connect two input sources using HDMI and DP while maintain the original image quality. And in Picture in Picture a user will have to resize the one image to cover the 25% of the monitor screen and have to manage position to anywhere.

Image Details of Samsung CF791 widescreen monitor

Using ultra WQHD (Wide quad HD), the resolution of the screen is 3440×1440. With the help of these high amount of pixels density also creates a wide screen workspace. So this wider screen helps a users when they do not need to scroll up and down on a large file or do not need to zooming ka small file. Everything is clearly visible and can be seen by the user.

Why Unparalleled Sophisticated design of  Samsung CF791 widescreen monitor?

With some new features and some new innovated functions, the curved shape screen made by the Samsung. Some of its feature cannot be installed or used in previous monitors that’s why its unparallel sophisticated design.

Especially this curved shape monitor is designed for the dedicated gamers. Actually it has the features to satisfy mostly gamers.

Speakers and ports in Samsung CF791 widescreen monitor

In CF791 monitor, they installed built-in 7 Watt speakers are embedded in display. So there is no need to connect the external speakers. If user want to connect an external speakers so there are different ports are available to connect any portable devices like USB, HDMI, DP e.t.c. There are multiple connection interfaces that lets a user to connect with PC, Game console, as a additional monitor etc.

Mini Verdict:

This is the best widescreen monitor that has high resolution of 4k and delivers crisp and clear images and videos. The design is perfect. Don’t believe me? Have a look yourself in the picture. It comes with different easy connectivity options along side with multasking feature. In-short, It’s best widescreen monitor for gaming enthusiasts.

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