How to Connect Google Home Mini with Google Devices

Finally, our own Google assistant is here. Google Home Mini is now launched in India and I have personally used it. It is an amazing, wonderful and attractive gadget. It’s like your own personal assistant. You can set reminders, to-do list, event dates and many more things in Google Home Mini.

Today I am going to tell you how to connect Google Home Mini with Google devices.I have tested it by playing songs, asking address and many more things and I am really happy with the functionality of this gadget. I have already recommended it to my buddies and if you are a busy person, you should buy it too.

You can buy Google Home Mini exclusively from Flipkart at the cost of Rs 4,999/- or if you want to buy it offline, you can buy it from Chroma. Let’s see how you can connect Google Home Mini with your smartphone:

Steps to Connect Google Home Mini with Google Device?

The steps to connect Google Home Mini with your smartphone is really easy. Below are the following methods you need to follow if you want to connect Google Home Mini:

  1. First of all make sure that your phone and Google Home Mini is connected to the same Wi-Fi, otherwise, you may face problems.
  2. Place your smartphone near the gadget.
  3. At the left corner of your home screen, you need to click on “Menu” -> “Cast Screen / Audio”, then again “Cast Screen/ Audio”.
  4. Find your Google Home Mini device and connect it.

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How to Talk To Your Google Assistant?

As the Google Assistant is developed using multiple commands, here is the list of commands you need to say in order to talk with your gadget.

To do this: Say “Hey Google”, then: What Google Home Mini will do:
Increase volume “Turn it up” Increases volume by a 10% increment
Decrease volume “Turn it down” Decreases volume by a 10% decrement
Set specific volume level “Volume level five,” “Volume to 65%” Sets volume at a specific level. Scale is 1-10 or 1-100%.
Maximize volume “Max volume” Sets volume at level 10
Minimum volume “Minimum volume” Sets volume at level 1
Change volume by X amount “Increase volume by 10%,” “Decrease volume by 10%” Changes volume by amount specified
Hear current volume level “What’s the volume?” Says the current volume level


So, what are you waiting for now, buy your own Google Assistant and divide your work with it.

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