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Special Features you can find in GB Whatsapp Latest Version which was released in 2018. Download GB whatsapp Apk for Android by links given below.

Using the instant messaging application Whatsapp is not new to people in the contemporary era which has been noted for promising strides in mobile technology. If you have an Android device then the chances that you have Whatsapp installed on your device is almost 99.9%! While different users might have a clear impression of the features and uses of Whatsapp, many of you might be unaware of the different mod versions of Whatsapp. One such mod which has been gaining the attention of android users is the Gb Whatsapp. The following article would emphasize on illustrating the different approaches for downloading and installation of GB Whatsapp as well as guidance about different features on the application.

Sources For Download Latest Version of GB WhatsApp:

You can find various alternative mod versions for Whatsapp on different online platforms, but the GB Whatsapp latest version stands out solely on the basis of its exemplary features and its popularity. Since it is a clone of the original instant messaging application and comes with different modifications, it could not be accessed through Google Play store.

Therefore, it can be downloaded only from the official website of the developers and the download links could be accessed via different blog pages which deal with information on latest technological trends.

Another promising factor that can be associated with GB Whatsapp is the regular updating of the application by the developers thereby implying the feasibility of its use over long term.

GB Whatsapp Latest Version Installation Guidelines

Once you have completed download of the GB Whatsapp apk latest version from reliable sources, the installation process would have to be completed in order to enjoy the application’s features. The installation process could be explained in few simple steps as follows.

  • First of all click on ‘Settings’ option in your device and then find ‘Security’ option. Then click on the ‘Unknown Sources’ tab to enable it.
  • The second step requires you to open the downloaded apk file and click on install option for initiating the installation process on your mobile device.
  • In this step, the user would have to provide their mobile number after opening the application.
  • The application would verify the entered mobile number by sending an OTP code to the number that is authenticated automatically.

Now, the latest version of GB Whatsapp apk is up and ready for use!

Stay Safe!

It is also essential to keep track of different permissions required by GB Whatsapp for functioning effectively on the user’s android device. These permissions also ensure that you are aware of not putting any sensitive information at risks of external intrusion. Here is a list of permissions required by the application which you might encounter after the installation process.

  • Accessing Device Location
  • Terminating Background Tasks
  • Modification of audio settings
  • Writing contacts and external storage
  • Access to read contacts
  • Access to accounts and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Microphone and Camera
  • Using Maps Services
  • Sending SMS and Recording audio.

Special Features of GB Whatsapp App latest version

Observing the above information might have resolved many of the apprehensions regarding how to download GB Whatsapp latest version and installing it. However, it is also mandatory to identify the different features which make it a better alternative to the conventional Whatsapp messaging application. Here are some of the features that are found in GB Whatsapp.

  • The GB Whatsapp version is based on the latest version of Whatsapp 2.18.122
  • Group Description could now be read in the header like normal status posts
  • Additional groups features as well as new emojis support
  • Option for sending text message broadcast to groups
  • Live Locations feature for sharing live location with contacts
  • Features for calls to numbers outside contacts
  • Inbuilt message scheduler
  • Feature for hiding View status privacy
  • Users could send video files of size up to 50 Mb along with fixes for different bugs while sending videos.

Upon a review of the above mentioned information about GB Whatsapp, it would be right to download GB Whatsapp apk latest version from reliable sources and test whether it is up to the mark of your expectations or not!

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