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There was this funny comment was going on Twitter that says Amazon’s Alexa-powered microwave is simply a microwave.  And we could not agree more to that.

However, the question is Alexa-powered microwave is only a microwave? Well, there is more to the story. Ecommerce giant Amazon recently launched its Alexa-powered microwave under their Amazon Basics category. Voice App Service companies like Pulse Labs are already working in this segment.

But we would not lie, before the launch of the microwave, it was really unexpected that Amazon would actually end up launching a Microwave. However, the rumors were hinting so, but most of us thought it was a stupid leak.

Since we have always seen Amazon launching speakers, televisions, kindle and other devices. But the microwave was completely unexpected.

Furthermore, since Microwave is one of the most common home appliances. As a result, it is expected that Amazon would actually end up selling a hell lot of microwaves and the Alexa integration is the best highlight which will raise the numbers of sales.

Let’s Talk about Pricing of Alexa Powered Micro Wave

Even apart from the Alexa integration, if we look at the pricing of the Alexa-powered microwave, well it comes with a price tag of $59.99. This makes the Amazon Basics Microwave the best seller product already. However, the company has no plans for shipping the smart microwave before mid-November.

But the price of the microwave is not really low, in fact, if you see the price from the budget point of view, it’s expensive. But on the other side, it is the cheapest microwave available in the premium category.

However, Amazon is not really focusing on selling a huge number of Alexa powered microwaves. Even if they do, it will be a benefit to them. According to the David Limp, The Amazon senior vice president of devices said during the product launch is:

It’s kind of common at Amazon that when we create these new APIs…that, we dog food our own APIs. It allows us to harden them, make sure they work well…We got to work at an alpha version of the [Alexa Connect Kit] with the team over our Amazon Basics…They got to thinking, ‘what can we do?’  And, they came up with a great product to show a reference design of this which is the Amazon Basics Microwave. Yeah, it’s a microwave. You’ve got to giggle a little bit. Come on? But, it is actually pretty fun…It turns out that the microwave is a very good litmus test for the Alexa Connect Kit.

In other words, he meant that the Alexa powered microwave was completely unexpected and they are aware of the fact and this is the only thing that made us believe that Amazon is not focusing on selling a huge number of microwaves.

Neither they are focusing on entering the home appliance market with low priced products.  Instead, they are looking at the bigger picture and set an example for the appliance makers.

The main goal over here is to make appliance makers integrate Alexa into their devices and the microwave is one of such examples.

The microwave does not use any special engineering. Instead, there is a button on the microwave which activates the microwave Alexa, and the user can communicate with the Alexa smart speaker and control the microwave.

The whole engineering process is not too complicated though. Instead, there is a button which gives Alexa the permission to operate the microwave using voice commands. You just need to press the button and command what you want to do with your microwave and you are done.

Even the Microwave is not letting you command something from a different room. Instead, you have to place something inside the microwave and press the button. Then you have to tell what you want to do and all these engineering are not too complicated to integrate.

Even if Amazon starts getting more sales for the Microwaves, it will be a push to the appliance makers and somehow make them integrate Alexa to their devices. This would be a win and win situation for Amazon both of the ways.

The overall thing over here is that if other appliance makers do not move to Alexa. Then Amazon will take over their business through its own technology to fill the market gap.


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